Cutting the Costs of Clinical
Trial Subject Recruitment
Insights into Patient Outreach:
Traditional vs. Digital

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 • 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

Clinical trials cost many millions of dollars. They don’t have to. Cost savings — big ones — exist. You just need to know where to look for them.

That’s the message from Steven Pyffer, Senior Director of Patient Outreach of ThreeWire LLC and an authority on trial subject recruitment.

Some 13 years ago, he left the ad-agency world to focus on the clinical-trial sphere, introducing modern media techniques to an area that had relied on dipping repeatedly into a subject pool that grows slowly if at all.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 30, and a fast-paced hour with Mr. Pyffer discovering outreach techniques to bring your drugs and devices to market faster … and cheaper.

This session is sponsored by WCG/Centerwatch, the leading provider of clinical trial industry news and information, in cooperation with FDAnews. It’s FREE — and packed with need-to-know information including …

  • Hidden costs: How factors such as site selection boost clinical-trial costs almost invisibly
  • Trial phases variations: How costs of Phase I trials differ from those of Phase II, II from III, III from IV
  • Marketing secrets: Did you know that offering subjects $500 sometimes doubles response rates?
  • Old media vs. new: Why it can be more cost-effective to spend tens of thousands on TV than supposedly “free” social media
  • Mixing things up: Reasons to use a variety of media rather than focus on one or two
  • Keeping it real: The risks of recruitment ads that resemble those Rx commercials on network TV
  • And much more!

Clinical-trial expense is the principal hurdle to bringing new products to market. New ways to cut costs can be a godsend for drug, biologics and device makers. Spend an hour discovering them with an expert. Sign up now for this FREE webinar.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar aims at helping FDA-regulated companies cut the cost of recruiting clinical-trial subjects. It will be of interest to trial sponsors and sites whether in drugs, biologics or medical devices. Among specific job titles:

  • Study coordinators
  • Medical directors
  • Clinical researchers
  • Patient/subject recruiters
  • Database managers
  • Advertising/marketing executives
  • Advertising/marketing agencies and consultants
  • Media placement specialists
  • Social media specialists
  • Regulatory affairs
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Meet Your Presenter


Steven Pyffer

Senior Director of Patient Outreach

Steven Pyffer claims 28-plus years of experience planning, placing and supervising advertising/media. He has placed more than $550 million in advertising in every platform from the traditional — TV/radio/newspaper — to the new: digital/social/out-of-home/product placement. Thirteen years ago he left the ad-agency world to specialize in the clinical trial subject recruitment space, where he has supported some 257 protocols in more than 70 disease states.