GMP in Action

Your team is working well, but you want to make sure they ace their next inspection. GMP in Action will help correct and reinforce what they do.

Title Format Length Description
Surprise! Regulatory Inspection Today! Video  15 minutes Shows how poorly prepared employees might react when they learn an FDA inspector is on the premises and contrasts with how they should act. Includes quiz.
Surviving a Regulatory Interview Video 30 minutes Shows employees the types of questions and tactics they’ll face during an inspection interview and how to respond correctly. Two modules: In the Interview and In the Facility. Includes quizzes.
Global Compliance Investigative Services Video 25 minutes The program follows an investigative service team as they try to determine the root cause of three cGMP incidents.
Focus on GxPs Video 1.5 hours Six scenarios illustrate the most common mistakes that lead to ruined batches, recalls, or worse. Scenario one explains the importance of focusing carefully on what you are doing. Scenario two shows the effects of miscommunication. Scenario three discusses the necessity of double checking your work. Scenario four covers failures to correct or report errors. Scenario five shows the effects of taking shortcuts. Scenario six demonstrates the kind of mistakes that can result from disorganization.
Right the First Time Video 13 minutes Scenarios challenge employees with real-life ethical questions and discuss how the situations should be handled.
Why are cGMPs So Important Video 15 minutes Explains the importance of adhering to cGMPs, as illustrated by three chilling tragedies.


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