Addressing Acceptable Recruitment
Methods for Sponsors & Sites
Patient Engagement Solutions to
Expedite Study Recruitment

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Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 • 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST

Are you getting as many patients for your clinical trial as you anticipated? Are you often behind schedule in your clinical studies? Is site staff getting burned out?

With multiple studies competing for the time and resources of an already overstretched and overburdened site staff, finding patients for your next critical clinical trial can cause major headaches.

Most clinical studies are over budget and behind schedule.

But complaining or venting about this unfortunate situation doesn’t do any good. One way or the other, you need to pique interest in participating in your clinical research study to achieve ultimate success.

And there’s May 25, 2018 — the date you come face-to-face with GDPR requirements. What changes can be expected? What adjustments will you need to make in you recruitment tactics as a result of new compliance requirements?

You need to implement practical tactics that expedite study recruitment. A laser focus on recruitment productivity can result in an exponential gain on return of investment (ROI), reducing overhead costs and helping to meet study deadlines.

You can get that focus easily. In just 60 minutes you’ll learn how to optimize recruitment of subjects for your clinical trials and comply with GDPR requirements.  On Feb. 20, one of the leading authorities on patient recruitment will explain how to recruit more patients while saving time and money. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop data to understand why studies are behind schedule and over budget when it comes to patient recruitment
  • How to use proven strategies and tactics to improve your patient recruitment numbers
  • How to foster awareness of the importance of implementing appropriate effort into creating a recruitment plan for a study
  • How to comply with new GDPR requirements

You need to understand how to more effectively recruit patients and comply with new GDPR requirements and avoid putting your new medical product at risk of not being approved for marketing.

This webinar will provide real-life solutions to these challenges and issues.

Who Will Benefit

This session is appropriate for professionals who conduct clinical trials or who are concerned with the administration of clinical trials, including individuals holding these job titles:

  • Clinical trial sponsor
  • CRO representative
  • IRB member
  • IRB administrators
  • Clinical project manager
  • Clinical research associates
  • Clinical research team member
  • Research coordinator
  • Site manager
  • Site director
  • Principal investigator
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Meet Your Presenters


Amanda Plucinak, PharmD

Program Manager

Amanda Plucinak, PharmD has been a Program Manager for ThreeWire, for almost four years, focusing on innovative tactics to address recruitment-challenged studies. She also has been transitioning to ThreeWire Quality Assurance Manager, concentrating on ensuring that recruitment tactics are executed within the rubric of regulatory requirements.


David Borasky, MPH, CIP

Vice President of Quality Management
WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG)

David Borasky, MPH, CIP, is the current Vice President of Quality Management at WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG). Over the course of his 15+ year career, he has developed and managed IRBs and human research protection programs for all types of organizations. Prior to WCG, Mr. Borasky served as deputy director in the Office of Human Research Ethics at UNC Chapel Hill. As part of his ongoing commitment to human research protections and regulatory policies, Mr. Borasky is the Co-Chair of Subpart A (Common Rule) Subcommittee of SACHRP, and is on the PRIM&R Board of Directors.