Safety Reporting in Global Clinical Trials
Maximizing Compliance, Minimizing Costs

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Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018 · 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

Clinical research organizations (CROs): You may be spending too much on safety reporting.

Fifty percent too much, perhaps.

The reason: Lack of automated systems to distribute the right safety information to the right investigators and ECs — at the right time — using local Country Alerting rules.

The largest trial sites may receive up to 50 safety reports per day and spend an average of two hours processing them. That adds up.

When trial sponsors compensate by over-distributing safety reports, it merely increases costs. It can also introduce compliance and tracking issues, and steal investigator time from patients.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, Sept. 27, for a FREE webinar from WCG/CenterWatch, where you’ll discover a new approach to this costly problem.

Steven Beales, senior VP-IT and Market Owner of Safety Solutions at ePharmaSolutions, is an expert in the field of safety reporting technology. At ePharmaSolutions, he has implemented the company’s Clinical Trial Portal at Genentech across more than 100 countries.

He is joined by Kendra Hayden, Global Process Owner, Safety Document Distribution, Roche. Her focus is process management within clinical operations in global safety document distribution for investigators and ethics committees. Together, they will introduce you to new efficiencies in safety reporting and demonstrate ways to:

  • Cut safety reporting costs by > 50%
  • Reduce site burden by 10 hours per week
  • Understand global safety reporting regulations
  • Discover how to maximize control over global safety reporting
  • And much more!

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Who Will Benefit

This presentation is aimed at pharma and biotech CROs. Plan to take part if your job title is among the following:

  • Medical director
  • Clinical safety executive
  • Study coordinator responsible for subject recruitment

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Meet Your Presenters


Steven Beales

SVP IT and Market Owner, Safety Solutions

Steven Beales is an expert in the field of safety reporting technology, Steven has 25 years of experience in IT, and has spent more than 16 years in the pharmaceutical industry. He joined ePharmaSolutions in in 2009 and led implementation of the company’s Clinical Trial Portal at Genentech across more than 100 countries.


Kendra Hayden

Global Process Owner, Safety Document Distribution

Kendra Hayden has been at Roche for 20+ years. During that time, she has held many roles such as a monitor, compliance and training, and process management. Her current area of focus is process management within clinical operations, specifically in the area of Global Safety Document Distribution for Investigators and Ethics Committees. Within this focus, she serves as the global process owner and project business lead.