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4 Considerations for
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Is COVID-19 testing the boundaries and limitations of your quality and compliance processes and systems? Are you thinking about making your entire operating process completely digital to enable your lab team members to work seamlessly with your remote digital workers? Are you concerned that digital transformation could expose your lab to compliance and quality risks?

The pandemic has seriously impacted laboratory operations in life science R&D labs to diagnostic and clinical labs. Many laboratories are seeing higher test volumes especially for labs involved with COVID testing, vaccine and therapeutic development and trials requiring front line laboratory scientists and technicians to be on-site while allowing as many of the other personnel to work remotely and digitally. Balancing the needs for mitigating compliance risks in hybrid work environments while gaining efficiencies that accomplish organizational goals has become a serious management challenge.

New lab automation system implementation is a complex and exciting journey to realize extraordinary results. Begin implementing your lab automation system with complete confidence when you discover the 4 Key Considerations for Implementing a Compliant New Lab Automation System:

  • Improving Performance: Learn how to increase your organizations’ throughput at scale utilizing the latest technology that can be customized for your lab as
  • Improve Regulatory Compliance: Learn how new generation technology platforms with embedded predictive compliance, risk and quality functions can improve your compliance posture and let you be Always Be Inspection Ready
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Look beyond upfront costs to understand how the most innovative automation systems will pay for themselves.
  • Flexible Approaches: Learn how Flexible, modular, and agile implementation approaches allow you to start with your immediate needs and yet positions you to expand the digital footprint rapidly as need them.

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