Advancing Risk-Based Thinking with AI

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Data is running through quality departments faster than people can analyze and correlate it.

Stop playing catch-up when it comes to quality events. Move away from the time-consuming process of pulling data from across your organization. Eliminate the stress of long, arduous CAPAs.

Jump into the future of quality: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Discover how to use AI and ML to progress beyond descriptive analysis to predictive analytics, eventually getting to prescriptive analytics. MasterControl product manager Dawn Irons will detail a path to better analyzing and interpreting data. You’ll discover how to improve processes through AI — shifting from merely understanding what’s happening at the moment to figuring out what you should be doing in the future. Further, you’ll gain insights into better investigating corrective action/preventive action and detecting risk patterns.

Key webinar takeaways:

  • The Possibilities of Analytics
    1. Using connected quality data
    2. Evaluating quality data to detect patterns
    3. Moving to predictive and prescriptive analytics
    4. Analyzing the effectiveness of training
    5. Identifying data accuracy
    6. Transferring data from disparate sources
  • Quality and Manufacturing
    1. Improving processes and efficiencies
    2. Creating visualizations to monitor and solve problems
    3. Developing better quality programming
  • Mitigating Risk
    1. Understanding machine learning’s role in risk-based thinking and risk management
    2. Surfacing issues, risks, and opportunities more effectively
    3. Investigating corrective action/preventive action (CAPA)
    4. Pinpointing the root cause of common complaints
    5. Finding quality events in real-time and creative mitigation plans for these events

Turning to AI isn’t a case of replacing people, it’s a matter of bringing people exactly what they need to do their best work. Find out how AI can play a humble, helpful role in your quality management and how ML algorithms can help you evaluate your quality data. Don’t hold your team back from these leaps forward.

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Who Will Benefit

  • Life sciences organizations
  • Quality management teams
  • Quality assurance teams
  • Data analytics professionals
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals
  • Product management teams

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Dawn Irons

Senior Product Manager, MasterControl

Dawn Irons is the senior product manager at MasterControl and has more than 20 years of life sciences experience. She started her career in CGMP manufacturing within the biotech and pharmaceutical contract manufacturer space and then moved to software vendor services. In that sector, she gained experience in consulting, implementation services and product management for manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise content management and data visualization solutions. Irons has a bachelor of science in biochemistry and molecular biology from Penn State University and a master of science from St. Joseph University.