Using AI for CAPA and Root Cause Investigation

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Monday, Aug. 16, 2021 • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

There have long been two options for life sciences organizations working to bring new products to market: move quickly or move safely. Teams could either push forward at top speed to get a treatment or therapy to the public, at the risk of a quality issue arising or they could slow down and ensure the drug or device was high quality. Neither option was sufficient.

With the technology available today, you don’t need to choose.

This free webinar will convey the ways connected quality data management through artificial intelligence (AI) can solve this problem. Sue Marchant, director of product, machine learning and artificial intelligence at MasterControl, will detail how the technology can investigate corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs) with minimal human involvement and pinpoint the root causes of common complaints. Together, you’ll explore how to develop effective training, increase production and test implementation plans before investments.

Free webinar takeaways:

  • Using AI to Investigate CAPA and Root Cause
    1. Connecting quality data
    2. Solving problems through AI
    3. The future of quality in life sciences
  • Data Details
    1. The data needed for CAPA and root cause investigations
    2. Where to find necessary data
    3. How to use this data through AI and analytics
  • Managing Data through Different Instances
    1. Understanding quality event data
    2. Exploring risk management data
    3. Finding and using manufacturing data
    4. Linking data across processes
  • The Business Benefits of AI Use
    1. The return on investment of the technology
    2. Communicating AI across a business
    3. Implementing AI and determining success
    4. Using advanced analytics to predict implementation challenges

In the past, life sciences teams had to sacrifice speed for quality or the opposite — but no longer. Instead, you can step into the future of quality. Through AI and connected quality data management, you and your team can have both. Determine how to investigate CAPAs more efficiently and effectively and complete root cause analyses.

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Who Will Benefit

  • Life sciences organizations
  • Quality management teams
  • Quality assurance teams
  • Data analytics professionals
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning professionals
  • Product management teams

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Sue Marchant

Director of Product, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Sue Marchant is the director of product, machine learning and artificial intelligence at MasterControl, where she is responsible for infusing the advanced data mining and analytics capabilities afforded by these technologies into the group’s cloud-based product life cycle excellence software for the life sciences. She spearheads initiatives around actionable, predictive insights and optimized efficiency, productivity and compliance.