Winners Only: 3 Steps to
Compete in Digital Quality

An FDAnews FREE Webinar • Sponsored by MasterControl
Tuesday, June 13, 2023 • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Exclusive research from MasterControl reveals the current state of digitization in life sciences, the drivers and blockers for increasing digital maturity, and most importantly, how companies can gain a competitive advantage by digitizing their quality management processes. We found that the most common reason for digitizing was to achieve a competitive advantage. However, to know whether you’re progressing, you need to have some way of determining where you are and measuring that progress. This is why we introduced the quality management digital maturity model.

In this presentation, you’ll learn the details of that model and where your peers in the life sciences rank on the quality digital maturity spectrum. We’ll discuss why becoming more digitally mature is so important to outpacing your competitors and what tools are available to help you do that. You’ll see how our original research can guide you through determining where you are and what your next steps in digital transformation should be.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • What the quality management maturity model is and how it helps you measure your digital progress.
  • What keeps companies from digitally progressing and how to overcome those barriers.
  • How the life sciences industry is currently distributed across the digital maturity model.
  • Where the industry is headed and how you can stay ahead of competitors.

Who Will Benefit

Managers, directors, vice presidents and presidents of:

  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance
  • Commercial operations
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Manufacturing/quality systems engineering
  • Product development
  • Research and development
  • Document control
  • Product safety

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Meet Your Presenters


Marty Smyth

Senior Vice President of Go-To-Market Strategy

As the senior vice president of go-to-market strategy, Marty Smyth is responsible for market intelligence, product strategy, and bringing MasterControl quality and manufacturing products to market globally. He brings 20 years of technology strategy, marketing, sales, and support experience across high-growth private SaaS companies as well as Fortune 500 companies. In previous roles, Marty has driven strategic planning, customer experience, and go-to-market for technology leaders like Cisco, Panasonic, Verizon, and AT&T. He is a University of Notre Dame alumnus.


Jessica Madsen

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jessica is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager over MasterControl Quality Excellence. She has an extensive marketing career spanning nearly 20 years including leadership, strategy, product marketing, customer marketing, and demand gen. Jessica excels at working across teams to bring products to market and translating tech features to customer benefits that resonate.